Why Is My Cat Keeping One Eye Closed?

Why is my cat keeping one eye closed? When your cats are alert and awake, their eyes are naturally wide open, ready to observe the world around them. While sleeping, however, their eyes are usually shut. When cats sleep, their eyes are closed and not open and alert.

Your cat is probably not squinting at you because it is having trouble seeing. The most common cause for your cat to keep one eye closed is when they are fighting an infection such as conjunctivitis. This condition is most likely to occur when your cat is also making a lot of eye contact and keeping it closed.

Why Is My Cat Keeping One Eye Closed?

Many cats, including domestic shorthair cats, have a habit of closing one eye when they are dozing, which may be a natural reaction. However, if your cat’s eye is consistently closed, there could be an underlying problem that you need to address.

A cat can have one eye closed for many reasons. Temporary irritation from a foreign object such as grass or a toy is the most common cause for cats keeping their eyes closed. If your cat has pink eyes, then it has conjunctivitis. Cat’s eyes are also swollen from glaucoma.

Why is one of my cat’s eyes squinting?Why is one of my cat's eyes squinting

If your cat’s eyes start to hurt, there are several things you should know about this issue. First, it’s not always related to an infection; sometimes, your cat is just having a rough day. Still, it’s always worth discovering what the underlying cause of this eye pain might be.

Can I prevent cat eye problems?

You cannot prevent a cat’s eye problems, but there are some things you can do to help prevent them from occurring.

Keeping up to date with yearly vaccinations, including the feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus vaccines, as well as the chlamydophila Felis bacteria, can help prevent cat flu. This can lead to conjunctivitis.

What should I do when my cat is keeping one eye closed?

There are various possible reasons why a cat closes one eye, such as injury, infection, or even just irritation. But it would help if you always were on the lookout for possible symptoms. So if your cat keeps one eye closed, it is worthwhile knowing what could be the cause.

My cat can’t open one eye properly

His eyes don’t work very well. He can only open one eye completely and squints a lot. Because of this, he’s had several eye infections and needs glasses. I’m investigating why this is happening.

Anisocoria, the name for mismatched pupils, means you should look for a condition called melanosis. Melanosis is more frequent in elderly cats and is typically not dangerous.

My cat’s eyes are shaded with redMy cat's eyes are shaded with red

Your cat may be experiencing red eyes because they’ve been poked in the eye. Or your cat may be experiencing red eyes because it scratched itself while grooming.

If your cat acts normally and doesn’t seem to have an eye problem, it is likely that it’s just blinking a little more. It could also be due to a minor scratch or foreign object that the cat has caught in its eye. Don’t be concerned if this is the case.

My cat blinks with one eye more than the other

This could be because your cat is: Expressing affection. She has to deal with a foreign item stuck in her eye. Your cat may blink their eye at slow speeds to remove dust or other objects from the eye.

Why is it that my cat sleeps with one eye open?Why is it that my cat sleeps with one eye open

It’s easy for a cat to open their eyes during sleep. Their natural cautiousness makes them feel vulnerable while sleeping, so they may appear to sleep with one eye open. But they aren’t. Their third eyelids are transparent, allowing them to see where they’re going while asleep.

This is found in the inner corner of your cat’s eye. It is located under the conjunctiva. While your cat is napping, this eyelid shuts. This allows your cat to sleep while keeping vigilant to potential threats. If your cat sees movement, it can quickly react.

How will I know if my cat has eye problems?

You’ll know if your cat has eye problems by looking at its eyes. Healthy cats’ eyes are clear and bright, the pupils are the same size, and there’s no excessive discharge, redness, or puffiness.

Cat eye infections aren’t uncommon. When you look into your cat’s eyes, you should see clear pupils and should not see the third eyelid.

Can I prevent eye problems in cats?

Cat eyes are very susceptible to developing a range of eye issues as they age. Some eye conditions are caused by lifestyle factors, while others are linked to genetics. However, it is often not possible to prevent your cat from developing eye problems.

An indoor cat is an ideal pet. It is safe, it will not have contact with other animals, and your cat will probably not fight or bite anyone. If you are worried about your cat’s eyes, make sure he is checked for eye problems annually.

Removing foreign objects from a cat’s eye

When an eye is injured, the vet will want to examine the injury. One of the first things he’ll look at is whether there are any foreign objects stuck in the eye.

There are several ways to remove a cat’s eye. Do not use tweezers to remove the thing. Mixing warm water with saline solution is the best way to remove a cat’s eye. The saline helps the warm water go down into the cat’s eye.

Dust, air freshener, and cigarette smoke can all cause a response. Wash your cat’s eyes, and the irritation should pass quickly.


Many possible causes of eye pain exist, but if you see an eye problem, make sure to get it diagnosed as soon as possible. Any eye problem can be treated early, so you don’t want to wait until you see your vet for help.

If your cat’s eye is being held close, call your vet as soon as possible. Your vet may recommend seeing a veterinary ophthalmologist or an eye specialist for further evaluation.

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