Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds Before Lying Down?

In this article, we discussed why dogs scratch their beds before lying down? Although dogs appear to sleep a lot, they aren’t constantly tired. They often have strange habits. For instance, dogs will sometimes “mark” their beds. This makes scratching a bed before they lie down such a common behavior.

If your dog has been scratching your furniture, it could indicate that something is bothering him, and the best thing to do is take a step back and give him a chance to tell you what is wrong. Scratching could also be a way for your dog to communicate his desire for a spot on your lap.

Why Do Dogs Scratch Their Beds Before Lying Down?

Scent glands under the soles of dogs’ feet and between their toes emit pheromones, similar to those in wolves. Scratching the ground spreads their smell and marks their territory, signaling to other canines or animals that this is their nest or resting area. And scratching the floor was also a technique for them to build a tiny nest where they could keep their body heat if they slept outside in the cold.

Scratching the Bed Is a Natural InstinctDogs Scratching the Bed Is a Natural Instinct

There are many reasons why dogs will scratch at a spot on the ground or furniture. Some might do so to mark their territory, while others may do so because they are bored.

Why do dogs scratch their beds before lying down? Our pup’s ancestors were scratching their bed for shelter. As the climate changed, they scratched their beds to get to the cooler soil underneath. This was important as it helped cool them off in the heat.

Scratching is a method that dogs use to mark their territory. They can use the glands in their paws to create a scent that will signal that they own that area and let other animals know they don’t want to share that area.

Why do dogs scratch their beds?

It’s a Natural Instinct to Scratch the Bed; This is a common instinct. In the wild, your dog’s ancestors scraped at leaves and mud to form a temporary bed. The leaves and soil were moved about to help hide them from predators.

When a dog circles and scratches at his bed, he is staking out his territory, which is why the scratching makes sense. The pads on the bottom of his feet serve two purposes; one to walk and one to scratch and mark.

They are scratching at their bedding and circling before resting; both aid our dogs in chasing away bugs and marking an area with their distinct scent. If another dog tries to use it, the special odor signals that it has previously been used by a dog who has worked hard to perfect it.

How to Prevent Scratching on Your Dog’s Bed?

While your dog’s digging habit can be cute, it can also be incredibly destructive at times. If you aren’t careful, your new pet bed can quickly become a big pile of stuffing and fabric. It’s not too late – there’s time to buy a better one.

Dog scratching, and by extension any scratching animal, is an annoying habit of many pet owners, and the solution is simple. All you need to do is provide an effective deterrent.

Here are three ways to prevent scratching on your dog’s bed?

Trim Your Dog’s NailsTrim Your Dog’s Nails

A manicure might sound strange for dogs, but it could help them sleep better by keeping their nails cut.

Many dogs scratch at their bedding during the night, and a long nail could poke into their skin and keep them awake.

Regular trimming of your dog’s nails is an important habit that helps prevent infection and injury from their nails. It also helps prevent your floors and furniture from getting damaged by sharp claws.

Give Them Other Ways to PlayGive Them Other Ways to Play

If you feel like your dog’s scratching at his bed isn’t a sign of boredom.

It might be because he doesn’t get enough exercise. Take him on a walk or go for a game of fetch.

Invest in a More Durable Bed

Cheap beds made of fabric and stuffing are not designed to withstand a dog that digs and scratches. That’s why getting a durable cover for your mattress is important.Invest in a More Durable Bed

In addition to the obvious benefit of a soft bed for your pet, buying an orthopedic or memory foam dog bed can be a great investment for you and your pet.

One approach to guarantee your pet gets a good night’s sleep is to cater to their comfort while resting. What better way to ensure a restful night’s sleep than with the assistance of a bed designed to withstand any digging.

Scratching at a dog bed is a behavior often triggered by a dog’s instinct to dig for buried bones and other buried treasures. So, to give your dog a treat, you can use a dog bed that mimics the feeling of searching for loose dirt.

While you may not want to wash your dog’s bed every day, you’ll find that you do want to clean it once or twice a week at the least. It takes a lot of work to wash their bed for some people, so why should we expect them to do the same for a dog?

Why do dogs dig in their beds?Why do dogs dig in their beds

It’s an instinct for virtually every dog to dig in their bed to create a nice, warm area to sleep down.

In addition to setting a comfortable temperature, we should be able to do the same for our beloved pets. When we are not around, they rely on their innate skills to survive in a wide range of temperatures.

Dogs use earth like a blanket or heating device during the summer and as a refrigerator or freezer during the cold months. Digging is a way of warming up or cooling down for animals who spend most of their lives on earth.

The same instinct causes us to wiggle, move, and fluff our pillows in search of a comfortable posture. However, our dogs cannot distinguish between grass and household items.

Why do dogs circle before lying down?

Turning in circles before lying down is a kind of self-preservation in which the dog may intuitively understand that he has to arrange himself in a specific way to fend off an attack in the wild.

My dog circles the same location repeatedly, then lies down like a police helicopter hovering over a murder scene. She does it for the same reason: to create a safe boundary.

Dogs in the wild had to ensure their resting place was free of bugs and predators. Walking in circles in your house or garden makes enough disturbance to spook any snakes or rats out of their preferred sleeping spot.

To avoid this, place your dog on an open bedroom door floor or provide him with a spacious kennel to sleep in.


Why do dogs scratch their beds before lying down? Your dog’s propensity to scratch their bed before falling asleep is probably entirely natural, and it’s most likely an innate habit.

Your dog’s ancestors learned to scratch at and circle in their bed for protection and comfort during thousands of years of survival in the wild.

If your dog’s scratching is extensive or doesn’t result in his falling asleep, you should visit a veterinarian since it might indicate nervousness or another neurological problem.

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